Strategic ITech LLC has been in the IT, software and management consulting industry for many years providing end–to-end solutions to complex problems.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Our in-depth industry knowledge combined with our highly technical expertise provides our clients with the latest cutting edge solutions for their unique challenges.

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  • Outstanding Management

    Our attention to detail starts at the very top of the management chain and trickles down into every facet of your organization.

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We work in partnership with you to ensure that you have the right tools and that key personnel have the necessary training.

Customized Turnkey Solutions

Customized tools to meet or exceed your organization’s specific needs.

Offshore Development and Support

Dramatically reduce development expense and delivery time.

Customized Technology Training

Provide education and training tailored to businesses’ specific needs.

Ideal Staffing Solutions

We offer flexible staffing solutions and training for your organizations’ unique needs.



Our attention to detail starts at the very top of the management chain and trickles down into every facet of your organization.

Our core strength lies in employing and retaining highly qualified, senior-level, certified consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in many diverse industries. Our consultants fully understand the unique challenges of today’s business environment and have the technical know-how to provide solutions that meet and exceed your specific goals.

Earned Value Management

EVM is a widely used tool by project managers and systems engineers for monitoring contractor performance.

Project Management

Our methods are designed to help you achieve the most desirable outcome – a highly successful project.


Latest Industry News
When words alone cannot describe life’s crescendos, Sinanudin Omerhodzic eloquently speaks through music. “When my daughter and my son were born, I composed music to express my love for them.” He began playing piano at the age of seven and
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Moving with the tide of change and disruption requires very nuanced decisions about the IT landscape. While the latest technologies are being chosen and deployed, the legacy core of business intelligence – the long-trusted enterprise resource planning (ERP) system –
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Another day, another example of misunderstanding shared responsibility when it comes to cloud security. Or is it? A new report from identity and access management (IAM) provider Centrify has argued that while many organisations understand the basics of shared responsibility,
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One day, infinite insights — right from your desk: We are excited to announce the next SAP Innovation Day for Partners event is taking place November 20, 2019. Learn about what’s new, what’s coming, and how your innovation can deliver
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When the Universidad de Talca was founded in 1981, it was designated a regional university by the Chilean government. After a concerted effort by administrators, the university, located 250 kilometers south of Santiago, raised its profile and became one of
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Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are responsible for some of the biggest market growth numbers. IDC predicts that worldwide investments in IoT will reach $1.14 trillion in 2023. Gartner predicts that by 2023 blockchain will support the global
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Digitizing all aspects of a business can have a profound impact on speed and efficiency across the board – especially for a small or midsize company. How a company gets there is just as important as the technology and tools
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The initial commercial interest in cryptocurrency IT infrastructure was the potential to enable an alternative to government-backed fiat currencies. However, now most of the forward-looking focus is on blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that underpins the new applications. Although deployments
11th Nov 19By David_H_Deans


Clients Served

Our expert consultants have successfully served the following government and commercial clients:

Department of State-Consular Affairs
Department of Commerce -US Patent and Trademark Office
Department of Health and Human Services – NIH, NHLBI
National Finance Center – USDA
Department of Defense – US Army, Defense Logistics Agency
Department of Homeland Security – Customs and Border Protection
Freddie Mac

Genesys Telecom Lab
Verizon Internet Services
Gerel Enterprises



Data Warehouse 95%
Analytic Solutions 90%
Custom Software Solutions 75%
In-Memory Database 40%
Technology Training 35%