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Our mission is to deliver robust , state-of-the-art and cost effective solution to our clients’ mission critical technology initiatives. We achieve this by following our Analyze, Advise and Act™ methodology. We pursue excellence in every one of our endeavors.

Our Solution Methodology

… is based on Analysis, Conference, Action and Evaluation


Analyze the problem/business initiatives from all aspects of the Enterprise and formulate solutions with cost estimates and ROI.


Advise our clients the best possible solution with pro and cons to other solutions. Educate the technological options to implement the solution with cost and schedule estimates and ROI.


Act on the solution choice of the client to implement it by forming a project team. Manage the project progress, monitor using Earned Value Analysis and review the progress periodically to the client and drive the implementation to its final goal with full focus and dedication.


Are Saying About Us

Awarded in recognition of Your Outstanding Contribution to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE M1) Project.


This is to recognize your effort that you put into ensuring Project Information Management System’s (PIMS) success has left a lasting and positive impression on our clients. Of particular note was the remark that at a previous job there were four developers working on a very similar project and it took them about six months to get to about 60% of what you and the PIMS team did in less than half the time…

Robert Daly, President, Number Six Software, Inc.

Number Six Software has set a high bar within the software services industry for employee performance and your recent efforts have risen above our already high bar. Your efforts at a difficult account have resulted in recognition and appreciation for project delivery wherein you went beyond the traditional architect role and provide both project management and requirements leadership. Your contribution to this account commendable.

Michael G. Bonamassa, Vice President of Field Operations

Pals was a valuable asset to the BRD team in the development and implementation of CR 2904- SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise complex Upgrade. His assistance to the PRODUCTION BRD team is greatly appreciated.

Phyllis Brown, Support Team, Resources Manager, ACE/IBM