Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVM) is a widely used tool by project managers and systems engineers for monitoring contractor performance. EVM has become a significant aspect of project management and cost engineering for both government and private industry. Monitoring a project’s performance involves measuring and evaluating the contractor’s performance and progress in three critical areas; is the project on, ahead or behind schedule; are the project’s actual costs on, over or under budget; and finallly, assessing the technical viability in meeting the project requirements. By providing cost and schedule performance assessments, EVM can quickly identify and adjust the project’s resources and activities to insure meeting an organization’s goals.

The advantages of EVM:

  • Achieves optimal project performance for successful results.
  • Measures precisely the project performance against project costs.
  • Aids in maximizing Return on Investment (ROI).

Earned Value management

Project Management

Strategic ITech will thoroughly analyze and review the project’s objectives and requirements, including:

  • budget;
  • schedules;
  • quality assurance processes;
  • risk management;
  • resources required;
  • and staffing/personnel allocated;

to ensure a pro-active approach to any issues that may be foreseen. Our project management services are designed to help you achieve the most desirable outcome – a highly successful project.

We have provided successful project management services for:

Private enterprises

Financial Institutions – providing the information they need on any project-related risks which will impact the final overall project costs.

Government Agencies – tracking and managing Contractors and Subcontractors to ensure they meet all project objectives in quality, time-tables and schedules, budgeted costs and overall scope of projects.


Project Management Offices (PMOs)

We establish Project Management Offices (PMOs) to include providing the latest in project management templates, tools and techniques needed to run very powerful, effective PMOs.

Our Strategic Project Management provides the information systems and tools for communication and work-flow, such as Microsoft ProjectServer and Primavera. These tools and others will assist in the integration, streamlining and overall coordination of the project for seamless integration into client’s project portfolios, enterprise platforms and overall enterprise organization.

Our Project Portfolio Management provides the necessary controls, tools, techniques, and all the advantages an experienced team of highly-qualified project management professionals.

Strategic ITech Corp is committed to preventing and controlling budget overruns, schedule delays and overall requirement changes, known as scope creep. Our goal is to assist your organization in meeting and exceeding your project goals.